Fig. 2. Sikh Samadhis at Gulyana

Current Issue

Volume VI, Number 2, 2016


Issue DOI: 10.21659/chitro.v6n2


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Critical Articles
Samadhi Architecture in Potohar, Punjab (Pakistan)
Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro
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Practice and Pedagogy of Indian Classical Dance (ICD): Analysis in Comparison with India’s Folk and Bollywood Dances
Ojasi Sukhatankar
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Heritage Craft in Crisis: a Case Study of Flexible Brass Craft of Bellaguntha, Ganjam District of Odisha
Santosh Kumar Jha
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Study on the Prabhavalaya: Aureole of Gods and Goddesses
Prasanna E. Khamitkar
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Drawing (on) Politics: Aubrey Collette in Sri Lanka
Samarth Singhal
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