Volume I, Number 2, 2017

Being Published under Continuous Publication Model

Critical Articles
Native Tradition and Changing Market Dynamics: The Future Sustainability of Hajo and Sarthebari Metal Crafts
Lakhimi Jogendranath Chutia & Mrinmoy K Sarma
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Visual Translation of Guru Nanak’s Philosophy by Janamsakhi Illustrators
Gurdeep Kaur & Rohita Sharma
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The Art of Traditional Painting in Assam: a Critical Study on the Manuscript Paintings of Bhagavata-Purana, VI-VII
Bikramjit Sarkar & Rajesh Bhowmik
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Towards Digitally Archiving the ‘Sharinda’: A case study of the video documentary mode for showcasing multidimensional cultural traces
Ashes Gupta
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The ‘Contextual Modernism’ in the Silk Paintings of Maniklal Banerjee
Ashmita Mukherjee
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Strategies for Teaching Textile, Clothing and Designing in Zimbabwe: a Case Study of Two Universities of Technology
Felisia Chimbindi
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 Volume I, Number 1, 2017

New Series

Critical Articles
A Study on Old Havelis: Lost Heritage of Saharanpur
Aayushi Verma & Ila Gupta
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Craft Study and Product Design Interventions: Soapstone Craft Cluster of Dhakotha Area in Kendujhar District of Odisha, India
Santosh Kumar Jha
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Literary Places, Tourism and the Cultural Heritage Experience –the Case of Kumbakoanm
K. Selvakumar & Dr. S.Thangaraju
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Terracotta Temples of Bengal: A Culmination of Pre-existing Architectural Styles
Sudeshna Guha & Dr. Abir Bandyopadhyay
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Manifestation of Indian Miniature Style in the Paintings of Nicholas Roerich
Jyoti Saini & Ila Gupta
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Tracing Footprints of a Bygone Era: Kaleshwari complex, Lavana
Maulik Hajarnis & Bhagyajit Raval
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Art Events: Reviews and Reports
Damian Hirst’s Exhibition at Palazzo Grassi in Venice
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