Volume 2, Number 3, 2018

Being published under Continuous Mode of Publication

Critical Articles
Are there Bad Artworks? Some Views on the Negative Evaluations of Art
Eleni Gemtou
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Mystery of the Similarities of Indian, European and British Megaliths: a Consideration of Possible Influences in Antiquity
Subhashis Das
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Embossment and its significance approach to practicing Contemporary Art
Tikendra Kumar Sahu
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Reflections on Modernism in Bangladesh and the abstract artist Kazi Ghiyasuddin
Archishman Sarker
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Caves and the Surrounding Archaeological Assemblages in Talakona Region, Andhra Pradesh
Dr. T. Babji Reddy
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Volume 2, Number 2, 2018

Themed Issue on

“Contemporary Art Practices in Twenty-first Century India:
rural & urban, collective & individual”

In collaboration with the School of Fine Arts, Amity University, Kolkata

Guest-edited by Dr. Sanjay Sen Gupta, School of Fine Arts, Amity University Kolkata

Editorial Introduction: Contemporary Art Practices in Twenty-first Century India
Dr. Sanjay Sen Gupta
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Retracing Kalamkari’s journey: from classic to a contemporary textile art
Soma Ghosh
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The Patkai Tales: An interpenetration of the folk/ tribal/ avant-garde
Moushumi Kandali
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Contemporary Practices of Chitrakathi in the Twenty-first Century Art Market
Manik Gaonkar
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Semiotics of Traditional v/s Modern Space in Folk Theatre with Special Reference to the Maand System of Goan Folk Tradition
Tanvi S. K. Bambolkar
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Tribal Wall Arts and Paintings of Malda and South Dinajpur: A Socio-cultural Study
Sabuj Sarkar & Mithun Barman
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Volume 2, Number 1, 2018

Critical Articles
African Inspired Bridal Shower Dress
Chimbindi Felisia, Mangwiro Kudzai, Dandira Tarirai, Gwisai Josline
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‘Spatial Narratives’ in Architecture: Designing a Dance Institute for the Nomadic Kalbelia community at Pushkar, Rajasthan, in India
Namrata Singh & Maulik Hajarnis
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Portraiture in Indian Miniature Paintings
Sourabh Ghosh
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Institutions of Change: Kathak dance from Courts to Classrooms
Suman Bhagchandani
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The Chitrakarini Temple of Bhubaneswar (Odisha, India): An Investigative Field Study
Santosh Kumar Jha
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