A Note on Sarasanka Dighi

Atanunandan Maity

For a long period of time in history, the Kharagpur Railway Station of the South Eastern Railway Division of Indian Railway has remained the longest platform (1072 meters) in the world (it has lost its glory in recent past to Gorakhpur Railway Station). At a distance of 52 km from the Kharagpur Railway Station en route to Puri, Odisha, a station named Dantan is situated, which marks almost the end of West Bengal in the south-west. Towards the eastern side of the Dantan Station, at a distance of three kms, there lies an enormous Dighi (Lake) known as Sarasanka Dighi. According to the survey report conducted by the Fishery Department of the State Government of West Bengal, the area of Sarasanka Dighi comprises 146 acres and 17 decimals, while the satellite image gives an account of its size to be 142 acres 37 decimals. The perimeter encompassing the Dighi is almost 3009 meters 248 centimeters, while the total area of the boundary surrounding the lake is measured to be approximately 150 acres. This massive lake Sarasanka is covers areas from two Mouzas- Ekmalipur Mouza (J.L. No. 123) and Sarasanka Mouza (J.L. No. 120). Some parts of this lake in its western side are included in Kuhuda Mouza. In the year 1982 a massive project of excavating tanks and ponds in the rural areas had been undertaken by the then Leftist Govt. in the State, as a result of which some twenty eight large and small scale ponds were dug up….Access Full Text of the Article>>