About the Journal


The Chitrolekha Journal on Art and Design (E-ISSN 2456-978X) is a scholarly platform for discussions on the evolution and intercategorial development of art and design. The journal explores arts both as a mode of signaling as well as being in an ontological sense. The mystery of the first arts of our ancestors intrigues us today, from a scientific as much as an aesthetic perspective. Similarly the future of arts leads us to think of things quite unknown to us. The scope of the journal therefore, is open-ended so as to be able to incorporate and address emerging areas in human arts and sciences. The broad areas of representation are:

  • History and Prehistory of Art
  • Visual Studies
  • Performance Arts
  • Intersections
  • Art and Religion
  • Art and Technology
  • Design and Culture
  • Art, Ecology, Environment
  • Contemporary Art
  • Commercial design aesthetics
  • Industrial Design, Innovations and Economy
  • Textiles, Fashion, Perishable Arts
  • Handicrafts and Heritage Preservation & Management


  • To explore interdisciplinary relationships of art with other disciplines and emerging fields.
  • To facilitate understanding of the patterns and structures of art and design across cultures.
  • To promote emerging forms of art and technology
  • To engage in scholarly discussion of commercial and industrial design, aesthetics and economy.


Continuous publication distributed to two issues yearly. There may be Special Issues.

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Aesthetics Media Services

Prop. Amit Pandey

Address: Dewly, Raghunathganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal, PIN 742225

Email: aesthetixms@gmail.com