We are very happy that we are publishing another issue from Chitrolekha for the fifth year. We understand we were not very regular in publishing issues. But considered against the fact that the project has been both experimental and non-profit, we are proud of what it has achieved so far. Not many people in India at least were convinced that a good magazine following standard norms could be published in the field of art and design. More than that, however, we are happy at the way things are going on now. With the internet, particularly the social networking sites, blogs and online magazines, people are increasing becoming aware of the value of heritage and the need for preservation. Of course, now the technology and various gadgets are helping this phenomenon. But mindset too is changing. The mind can no longer be made captive by regional or national newspapers etc serving the special interests of certain groups for facilitating their control over culture.

For the present issue, contributions came from various fields and clearly all are concerned with the issue of preservation and conservation. We thank all the contributors for adding much value to the magazine. We hope the readers now will find the entire issue culturally very valuable.

Best wishes

Sreecheta Mukherjee & Tarun Tapas Mukherjee