Editorial, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2015

With this issue of Chitrolekha we complete five years of our web presence. Back in the year 2011 the project was started as a humble beginning as an attempt at exploring the world of art, design, history and heritage with special focus on the arts and crafts of Bengal. When we look back at the years, we find that we could not be regular because of certain limitations arising out of our venture in areas where expertise is limited. Yet we brought out few issues focusing on unexplored areas and we learnt many things from our experience. We are thankful to all the contributors who supported us with their contribution. The publication was accepted and recognized in Europe and America though we could not create much impact in India.

Times have changed now. We can find massive input of data from common users on the web in the areas of art, craft and designing. The world is also better connected technologically. We feel that it is time to get connected with common users and inspire them to process their data in scholarly manner. In order to do this the first requisite is to get attached emotionally to the tangible and intangible heritage around them and get involve in some form of documentation activities. Proper conservation can follow only after this. Of course this leads to the community participation of heritage conservation.

Scholarly activities are generally undertaken, especially in India, in cool air-conditioned rooms of the archives and libraries with massive resources. Scholars need to come out of their isolated towers and get involved in real conservation because without their knowledge and expertise conservation cannot be undertaken properly.

From the Chitrolekha platform we will try to disseminate knowledge and document tangible and intangible heritage as well in regular basis from this issue onward. In order to do it we will change mode of publication from the year 2016 from one-time publication of issues to continuous publication. Since we do not bring out print edition, it is not necessary for us to maintain the limitation of print publication. We hope this model will be accepted well by the readers and writers.

Sreecheta Mukherjee & Tarun Tapas Mukherjee