What are the areas of Chitrolekha Magazine?

We announce particular theme of an issue and submission must be made in accordance with the announced topics. We do not accent unsolicited submissions outside the announced theme. Our thrust areas are: Designing, Arts, Crafts, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Pottery, local history, heritage.

 How to submit to the magazine?

We want authors to follow strictly certain guidelines. Please read the Guidelines here.

 Does the magazine publish print version?

No. Chitrolekha Magazine was meant to be an online journal and it does not publish any print version. However, we send a Single PDF of the entire issue to the authors, which can be printed.

 Do authors need to pay any Fee for publishing their work?

No. Absolutely not. Chitrolekha was founded as an ideal platform free from any commercial motive. We DO NOT accept any FEE for publishing their works, nor do we pay authors any amount for their works.

Is Chitrolekha a national or international magazine?

These terms are vague and no criteria have been fixed officially for applying the terms. However, if you consider the standard, geographical locations of the editorial board members and the authors and the readers, indexing and abstracting and the nature of services, Chitrolekha can be definitely called a premier international magazine. Read more about indexing and abstracting. Above all, Rupkatha is not just a journal; it was meant to be a platform for advancing Opem Access Movement.

What is the Review Process of Chitrolekha?

We strictly follow double-blind peer-review process. Identity of the authors and the reviewers are strictly kept secret during peer-review. An article is sent to two reviewers and if both the reviewers recommend it, we accept it with/without changes as per the recommendation. But if a reviewer does not recommend while another reviewer does, the article is taken up by the Editors who decide finally on the paper. We also provide editorial help to authors in preparing their papers.

Do readers need to register with fees for accessing articles?

Not at all. It is free to access. Readers can subscribe for free for getting email alerts.