Viewpoints: ShopArt ArtShop (SA AS) Art Project

Modern Art meets Traditional Village

By Frank Schlichtmann
Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh

 Volume 6, Number 3, 2016 I Full Text PDF

Article DOI:  10.21659/chitro.v6n3.07

The founder of the project Frank Schlichtmann was invited by the editor of the magazine to share his vision of the project in relation to the contemporary world of art. ShopArt ArtShop (SA AS) was started in 2013 with the aim of giving Indian artists the opportunity to relate to and work on arts in a wholesome manner outside the confines of usual, urban-centric art spaces. It is an inclusive, process-oriented conceptual arts event which takes place every 3 years in a small village, Gunehar, in the Indian Himalaya. The objective is to demonstrate openly the whole process of creating art from the inception of a concept to the creating of the actual art work.

About Frank Schlichtmann

Frank was born near Hamburg, Germany, and came to India for the first time when he was barely 4 years old and has been coming back to India on a regular basis. Before a set of coincidences would have him settle down permanently in Gunehar with his little son, Frank has worked and lived in 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America. He has been part of numerous projects related to the Arts, Culture and Hospitality but it was through his settling down in Gunehar and the founding of the 4tables project that he could start putting his vast experience into cohesive practice. Frank chose the village because of its relative ‘unspoiltness’ and also because he believes that in a truly globalized and interconnected world, a small village can be as valuable as any other place. To know more, read interview with Frank.


The recently concluded second edition of the conceptual arts event, ShopArt ArtShop 2, held outside the confines of usual city-centric art spaces in a small Himachal village, caught the imagination of a broad public and the national media. It is a welcome indication that India’s artists as well as art enthusiasts are hungry for innovative and holistic, process-oriented and open art concepts emanating from a parallel arts scene. At the same time, the empirical SA AS Method exposes some of the fault-lines of the art system. Here, Frank Schlichtmann, the founder and curator of the event, writes about the motivation for creating an event such as this as well as some of the outcome…FULL TEXT PDF>>