Tarun Tapas Mukherjee

Tarun Tapas MukherjeeTarun Tapas Mukherjee is the co-founder of the Rupkatha Journal along with Prof. Tirtha Prasad Mukhopadhyay who supervises the entire project. He started the project out of his zeal for Non-Profit Open Access and interest in digital technology in 2008 and continues to introduce and implement measures of standardization following certain international criteria. He is Assistant Professor in English, Bhatter College, Dantan, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal. He is interested in British Literature, E-literature, digital technologies, documentary photography etc. He has promoted a number of OA projects in India and abroad. He is also interested in the ancient and medieval history of Bengal and its culture and heritage. For promoting the arts, architecture, sculpture and local history of Bengal particularly, he contributed to the creation of the Chitrolekha International Magazine on Art and Design (www.chitrolekha.com, ISSN 2231-4822).