Temples of Dantan: A Survey with Special Emphasis on Tourism Development

Biswajit Ghosh, Bhatter College Private ITI, Paschim Medinipur

Temples are the most significant and typical monuments of architecture of an area and admirably sum up and represent the subtle values of a culture. Elaborations of the temple structure followed the firm establishment of image worship and accompanying development of the rituals which took time to crystallize. To the Hindus, the temple is the abode of God, who is the spirit immanent in the universe, and which, therefore, is known by such terms as devalaya, shivalaya and devayatana. Hence, constituting the living use of the temple starts with the installation of life in the form of the deity in the sanctum. The architects of different ages fulfilled the spiritual thirsts of the devotees by their skilful and varied architectural edifices. In Dantan, a number of typical old temples are located bearing testimony to a rich tradition. Before dealing with them we deliberate upon a few things about the ancient region which nurtured this great tradition. …Access Full Text of the Article>>