Special Issue on the Arts and Crafts of Bankura

Editorial (PDF)
Dhokra: the Traditional Art of Metal Casting (PDF)

Prof. Rajesh Kochhar

Dhokra Art and Artists of Bikna (PDF)

Sourish Bhattacharya

Terracotta: Transformation Through Time and Technology (PDF)  

Priyanka S. Mangaonkar

Radhe Shyam and Radha Mohana Temples of Bishnupur (PDF)

Shyamal Chatterji

Documentation of Terracotta Horse of Bankura (PDF)

Amar Nath Shaw

Portraits of Terracotta Owls of Panchmura (PDF)

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

Terracotta Crafts of Panchmura: Problems and Possibilities (PDF)

Dr. Milan Kanti Satpathi

Baluchori Silk : an Elegant Tradition (PDF)

Pranab Barman

Lost Game: Dashabatar  Taas of Bishnupur (PDF)

Tarun Tapas Mukherjee

Stone Craft of Susunia (PDF)

Debashis Roy

Wood Craft of Bankura (PDF)

Arnab Majumdar

The Enchanting Beauty of Bamboo Craft of Bankura (PDF)

Debanjali Banerjee

Conch Shell Craft (PDF)

Subhomay Dutta

Jamini Roy’s Art: Modernity, Politics and Reception (PDF)

Debmalya Das

Kherwal Tukou: a Confluence of Indigenous Artistic Traditions in Bankura (PDF)

Subhamay Kisku

On the cover: ‘Ananta-sayane Vishnu’ from Radhe-Shyam Temple,Bishnupur. Photograph by Shyamal Chatterji. Cover design by Tarun Tapas Mukherjee

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