Volume 2, Issue 1

Special Issue on the Temples of Bengal

Special Issue on the Temples of Bengal


Editorial (PDF)

Temples of Bengal: Material style and Technological Evolution (PDF)
Priyanka S. Mangaonkar

Iconography and Visual Culture of Bengal (PDF)
Ruma Chakravarti

Krishnalila in Terracotta Temples of Bengal (PDF)
Amit Guha

Visualizing the Firingee, the Saheb and the Memsaheb on Bengal Temple Terracotta: the Articulation of a ‘Native Gaze’  (PDF)
Satyasikha Chakraborty

In the Footsteps of Hs?an-Tsang in Karnasubarna (PDF)
Andrew Sumit Soren

A Tower of Mystery: Jatar Deul (PDF)
Rangan Datta

Bonokathi’s Mysterious Deul and the legend of Echai Ghosh (PDF)
Somen Sengupta

Radhe Shyam and Radha Mohana Temples of Bishnupur* (PDF)

Shyamal Chatterji

Art and Architecture of the Temples of Baronagar, Murshidabad (PDF)
Shyamal Chatterji

History of Hanseswari Temple, Banshberia (PDF)
Sikha Banerjee

In Search of the Temples of Daspur (PDF)
Amitabha Gupta

Kanak Durga Temple and the Folk Tradition of Paschim Medinipur (PDF)
Dr. Jaydeep  Sarangi

Representation in Monument Building and Schematic of Terracotta Narratives: Gopinath Jor-Bangla Temple, Pabna, Bangladesh (PDF)
Mrinmoyee Ray

A Lesser Known Terracotta Motif Depicted in the Shyama-Raya and Madana-Mohana Temples of Bishnupur: Some Preliminary Observations (Supplementary article) (PDF)
Ardhendu Ray

Temples of Deulghata, Pakbira and Banda: A Photo Journey (PDF)
Chintu Dutta

Book Review: Temple Architecture of Bengal by Sibabrata Halder and Manju Halder (PDF)
Review by Tarun Tapas Mukherjee

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