African Inspired Bridal Shower Dress

Chimbindi Felisia1, Mangwiro Kudzai2, Dandira Tarirai3, Gwisai Josline4

1Lecturer Chinhoyi University of Technology. Email:

2Fashion Designer

3Lecturer Chinhoyi University of Technology

4Lecturer Chinhoyi University of Technology

  Volume 2, Number 1, 2017 I Full Text PDF

DOI: 10.21659/cjad.21.v2n101


The study sought to design, construct and exhibit a collection of bridal shower dress emphasizing the roles played by a traditional African vaShona wife, inspired by kitchen utensils and artifacts used in the kitchen. Ethnographic methods were used to as the aim of the research was to give cultural interpretations on roles played by traditional vaShona wife and utensils used to cook food. Participant observations and interviews were used to assess the level of acceptance and appreciation of designs of bridal shower dress designs and come up with improvement. Findings revealed that bridal shower wear inspired by traditional kitchen utensils and artifacts is highly accepted. The youths appreciated the intergenerational transfer of culture and traditions. It was recommended that designers may incorporate cultural features on wedding gowns for brides and on grooms’ wear to depict cultural beliefs and values. Further research is required on groom’s wear to depict cultural values among the various cultural groups in Zimbabwe that include Shangani, Ndau, Ndebele and others.

 Keywords: Bridal shower, dress, bride, exhibition