Caves and the Surrounding Archaeological Assemblages in Talakona Region, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. T. Babji Reddy

Senior Academic Fellow, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), New Delhi. Email:

   Volume 2, Number 3, 2018 I Full Text PDF

DOI: 10.21659/cjad.23.v2n305


Caves have been using as natural dwellings from prehistoric times to the present. It is known fact that the worldwide Archaeologists and Anthropologists were collected the most important cultural and physical remains of early human beings from the caves. The present paper discusses about the caves and its surrounding archaeological assemblages found inside and around the caves based on the explorations conducted in Talakona forest region (a part in Tirumala/Seshachalam hills) in Andhra Pradesh. Talakona region have several evidences of prehistoric and proto-historic period. The available evidences such as Palaeolithic stone tools (hand axes, cleavers, flakes etc.), rock art, megalithic burials and historic temples suggest that this region has great continuity from the past. The present paper discusses the human continuity based on the archaeological evidences available from the caves and its surrounding environment.

Keywords: Caves, Dolmens, Rock art, inscriptions